National Animal Industry Foundation

Vision and Prospects

In view of the challenges resulting from the accession to the WTO and the changes in consumption patterns, the NAIF’s objectives are to increase the self-reliance of the animal industry, to balance the market demand and supply, to stabilize the price of animal products, to help the industry adjust its production structure, and to enhance its market competitiveness. It is also the aim of NAIF to serve as a bridge between the industry and government. Our future prospects are:

  • To establish animal marketing information system and early-warning system, responsible for collecting, analyzing, predicting and distributing reliable industrial information.
  • To promote animal industry strategic alliance, take part in strategic investment, lower production costs, and raise production efficiency.
  • To promote accreditation system for locally produced quality products of livestock and poultry so as to increase the industrial capability to meet international competition.
  • To formulate service charges system, promote industrial self-reliance, encourage producers to participate in policy making, and ensure balanced development of the animal industry.
  • To expand the number of items to be tested for foodstuffs, ensure food safety, and establish the largest test and analysis center of the livestock industry.