National Animal Industry Foundation


The NAIF, in cooperation with related organizations and government agencies, has accomplished the following achievements.

A. Adjustments in Production and Marketing of Domestic Animal Products

  1. Draft and execute measures to stabilize price of marketing pigs for adjusting the unbalance of production and marketing in pigs.
    1. Commissioning pig industry and related organizations at different counties and cities to conduct Tasting Festivals for promoting the wholesome quality of pork. Consumers were also reached through medium reports. Promotion activities of processed quality pork products were held to increase consumer demands.
    2. Carrying out a project on purchasing and freezing of piglets by the barbecue business.
    3. Encouraging and subsidizing pig industry to slaughter and freeze standard and healthy pigs.
    4. Producing VCD of “Choose meat with care, Enjoy good health” and flyers of “Meat manual of Practical use” for distribution and display in those related meetings and conferences in various counties or cities.
  2. Conduct adjustment in production and marketing of eggs by purchasing surplus eggs, which were processed into egg powder.
  3. Assist the government to raise duck prices by purchasing and deep-freezing Muscovy duck carcasses during the fake rice wine event.
  4. Conduct promotion activities to increase consumer demand for native chickens when the wholesale at the production site keeps in the low price.
  5. Hold various promotion activities to increase sale volume of goat milk, cow milk and geese as well as actively participated in food shows abroad.
  6. Provide pig farms with loans for procurement of corn to stabilize prices of livestock feed stuffs.
  7. Implement a project of processing surplus milk into condensed milk to stabilize the raw milk price and marketing order.
  8. Solve the marketing problem of raw milk for dairy farms with the assistance of the NAIF.
  9. Assist processing plants and farmers to hold meetings to discuss the valuation standards for winter milk price.

B. Collection and Dissemination of Information on Production and Marketing

  1. Publish Animal Industry Weekly, Animal Industry Monthly, and Taiwan Pig Production Statistics.
  2. Establish web-sites to provide production, marketing and delicacies information for poultry and livestock. Facilitate electronic commerce for various animal products.

C. Chemical Residue Testing and Analysis

The Center for Technical Service in the NAIF has been commissioned by the government to execute more than ten projects for chemical residue testing and food safety certification of various animal products.

D. Health and Sanitation Inspections at Slaughterhouses

Recruit and train meat inspection veterinarians, and assign them to perform meat and

E. CAS Certification of Quality Food and Guidance of HACCP

Certifications for Meat Processing Plants.The NAIF has held seminars by inviting experts from US and Japan to give lectures on those related topics.

F. Conduct registration, growth performance testing, auction of breeding pigs, genotyping and selection of various genes for breeding pigs, and establishment of excellent germplasm supply system. The NAIF swine testing station has been certified according to the IS09001:2000 standard.

G. Conduct registration, performance test and DHI test of breeding goats to improve performance of goats and enhance the operation of milk goat industry.

H. Assist cattle and rabbits producers to organize “Taiwan Cattle Industry Development Association” and “Taiwan Rabbit Products Marketing Cooperative” respectively, for strengthening the exchange between industry and government authorities.

I. Poultry Health Services

Assist poultry farms to improve sanitation management of animal house, set up four poultry health centers to examine serum antibodies, conduct poultry influenza inspections, hold seminars on epidemic control, and publish epidemic prevention monthly as well as a technical manual on poultry farm sanitation management.

J. Service Fees from Animal Industry

Collect, manage and utilize service fee for various animal production. Carry out annual projects aimed at stabilizing prices, lowering production costs and increasing income of farmers.

K. Development of Local Brands

Develop local brands of pork and related products with distinguished tastes, such as "Black-hair Pig" pork and "Marbling Pork", to distinguish domestic livestock products from those imported.

L. Procurement and Distribution of FMD Vaccines

For the purpose to strengthen the vaccination against FMD, the NAIF, commissioned by the COA Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, has conducted collective procurement of FMD vaccine. The registration and distribution of vaccine were undertaken by county FMD protection centers and distribution stations formed by industry organizations.

M. In September 2005, the NAIF was granted ISO 9001:2000

international quality certification.